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We have various solutions for clearing the strict regulations of Japan and the sometimes ambiguous Chinese regulations for overseas healthcare companies. Our services include regulatory affairs, CRO, marketing support, market survey, and product distribution.


compliance_img.jpgThe Compliance Card is a medicine timer to remind a patient to take his/her medicine by alarm at preset time. It is especially useful for patient taking medicine at long and/or uncommon interval and medicines of which the efficacy may decrease significantly due to violating of drug compliance. By using this tool, a pharmaceutical company can satisfy her patients better. Trying her best to improve the drug compliance can also improve the image of a pharmaceutical company.

●It is an electric timer which alarms at preset drug taking time.
●The Compliance Card has no user settings, all functions are preprogrammed. The user has only to start it on the required time.
●The Compliance Card is being uesd in more than 50 countries around the world due to its outstanding function in improving drug compliance, especially in patients who are taking medicine at long interval and medicines of which the efficacy may decrease significantly due to violating of drug compliance.


 Cooperating with Chinese splendid patent attorney's office which is called Ge Cheng and Co., supporting the management of the intellectual property rights of a patent and the trademark, measures of the patent infringement in China.


 By the personal constitution inspection and illness risk evaluation with biochip, positiving health care and disease prevention are enabled.
We sell the inspection kits for the constitution inspection and illness risk assessment of the following items at reasonal prices.
In addition, we can do there test for you.


(1)Corpulence constitution
(2)Alcohol metabolism capability
(3)Cancer-causing risk from smoking
(4)Alzheimer's disease risk
(5)Circulatory system-related disease risk
(6)Hyperlipemia risk
(7)High blood pressure risk
(8)Cerebrovascular stroke risk
(9)Stomach cancer risk