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We have various solutions for clearing the strict regulations of Japan and the sometimes ambiguous Chinese regulations for overseas healthcare companies. Our services include regulatory affairs, CRO, marketing support, market survey, and product distribution.


As Medical Technology develops, the demand such as novel pharmaceuticals and medical equipments increases in China.
The demand in China for advanced Japanese medical technology and medical products has increased, too.
Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan introduces Japanese medical technology and products to China, assissts Japanese companies in exporting, and coordinates the joint medical technology development between Japan and China.

china_rinsho_photo.jpgBecause of overwhelming number of population and the easiness in recruiting patients and volunteers, global pharmaceutical companies are establishing the pharmaceutical research and development centers one after another in China.
The Chinese government is admending China regulatories with the global standards. And more and more international multi-center clinical trial will be held on in China.
Staffs, both Japanese and Chinese, in Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan can boost the smooth proceeding of your clinical trials in mega-hospitals like Nanjing Medical University Hospital.
We also design and implement clinical trials to explore and collect evidence of the efficacy of your pharmaceutical, medical devices and functional foods.


Depending on the products, there are cases that pre-application consultation and negotiation during the precess of application are necessary in order to clear the regulatories. As for the pharmaceutical application such as Chinese medical equipment, medical supplies, there is the case that prior consultation to the regulation authorities (SFDA) and negotiations at the time of the application need by an individual product specification.
Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan can exam the products, review the application documents and provide consulting service and surrogate applicaions services in regulatory affairs.

china_rinsho_photo.jpgIn China, there is a health food system like the Food for Specified Health Uses System in Japan. Health claims can be marked on approved health food.
Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan provides consulting services from the planning of the development of a product, approval application preparation (including various examinations), to the the application itself.

With the advanced technology and the reliability of the quality, Japanese food and raw materials attract attention from China market.
On the other hand, laws, regulations and approval systems related to the import of overseas food in China are too complicated and confusing and people are complainting. To people exporting food, raw materials and additives to China from Japan, Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan provides services such as prior laws and regulations confirmation and the adaptability check of the product and proxy exporting.