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We have various solutions for clearing the strict regulations of Japan and the sometimes ambiguous Chinese regulations for overseas healthcare companies. Our services include regulatory affairs, CRO, marketing support, market survey, and product distribution.





Dr.Chen Jian Jun, CEO

  Japan and China are both facing aging societies and must tackle the increasing number of lifestyle-related diseases that accompany improvements in living standards. This phenomenon has led to significantly increased awareness of health care in both countries. Effective health care and medical treatment are expected.

 China has achieved remarkable economic development and medical progress, particularly in Eastern China in the Shanghai and Jiangsu provinces. The rapid development in medical research and pharmaceutical industries has attracted a number of North American and European pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, who have moved into Eastern China with the aim of speeding up their research and development, as well as capitalizing on the strong and growing purchasing power of the vast market with its population of 1.3 billion. Comparatively, Japanese pharmaceutical companies are still trying to catch up in the market, and it is only recently that they are becoming active in the field of Chinese business.

 We, Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan, provide comprehensive and versatile support services for the development of Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Functional Health Food by capitalizing on our firm network with the State Food and Drug Administration of China (SFDA) and medical organizations such as The Affiliated Hospitals of Nanjing Medical University. Additionally, in Japan, we have as a resource a network of medical experts, as well as ample expertise and experience on the research and development of Functional Health Foods. Our professional team continues to integrate the strength of research institutions and the health care business in Japan and China, and has been steadily delivering reliable results to our clients. Our respect for Intellectual Property Rights has prompted us to work closely with Jeekai & Partners, which is one of the leading patent agencies in China, and implement full-scale preparations for every possible situation in China.


Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., Ltd.
Chen Jian Jun, Ph.D.
December 18, 2003
JPY 65, 000,000
Corresponding Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank
Head Office
809, NLC Bldg.
3-1-2, isobe-touri
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
651-0084, Japan
TEL +81-78-231-6666
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Nanjing Office
Room 317,Tower A,Nanjing University of Technology ,Science Park,
NO.5,Xin mofan Road,Nanjing, 210009, China
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Wuxi Office
#501, Lihu Keyan Mansion, 15 Hubin Street, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214073, China
Beijing Office
Runjing Zhongyan Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
2009, Tower C, Jiulong Business Center,
No.48 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100081,P.R. China
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The Affiliated Hospitals of the Nanjing Medical University are located in the center of Eastern China. These hospitals are among the largest scale hospitals in China and have more than 3,000 beds and receive 2.17million outpatients annually. The First Affiliated Hospital of the Nanjing Medical University has been serving as the central hospital in Jiangshu province for more than seventy years. The specialists there have been taking a proactive approach to medical research and development as well as clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic agents. In 2003, Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., Ltd. was established in Kobe as a liaison office of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Nanjing Medical University in order to meet the increasing demands for clinical trials from abroad, particularly from Japan, and provide additional services to our customers.

Dec 2003
Established the Kobe Office at the KIMEC Center Building, one of the core facilities of the "KOBE Medical Industry Development Project"
Aug 2004
Contracted a business alliance with Sogo Clinical Pharmacology Co., Ltd.
Oct 2005
Implemented a capital increase to 40,000,000 yen
Mar 2006
Set up Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan, Beijing Office.
Jun 2006
Contracted a business alliance with Jeekai & Partners, one of the leading patent offices in China.
Aug 2006
Established Rundo Zhongyan Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd in Beijing.
Feb 2008
Set up the Nanjing Office
Mar 2008
Set up the Tokyo Office
May 2008
Increased capital to 65,000,000 yen.
Oct 2008
Set up the Wuxi Office