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We have various solutions for clearing the strict regulations of Japan and the sometimes ambiguous Chinese regulations for overseas healthcare companies. Our services include regulatory affairs, CRO, marketing support, market survey, and product distribution.

Nov 15, 2011:
NEWS President Chen Jian Jun made a speech on 'Practice in Applying for the Approvals of Medical Devices and in vitro Diagnostic Agents and Getting the Products Adopted to the Public Medical Insurance System in China during the Medical Care System Reform' at a seminar to be held by Johokiko Co., Ltd. On Nov 15, 2011.
Mar 22, 2011:
Jul 20, 2009:
中國法規 Enforcement of "Food Safety Law Implementation Measures" as a related rule of the "Food Safety Law"
May 1, 2008:
NEWS Implemented capital increase to 65,000,000 yen.
Mar 1, 2008:
Oct 24, 2007:
NEWS NHK TV programme, Today's Close Up, introduced Shanghai Rundo.
Sep 21, 2007:
NEWS NHK TV programme, Kansai Close Up, introduced Shanghai Rundo.
Sep 15, 2007:
NEWS SUN TV programme of Kobe City Public Relations, Love Kobe, introduced the business contents of Shanghai Rundo.
Jul 18, 2007:
NEWS The Measures for the Administration of New Resource Food, adopted on December 26, 2006, issued on July 2, 2007, became effective on December 1, 2007
Jul 10, 2007:
NEWS SFDA issued the revised Provisions for Drug Registration
Jun 14, 2007:
NEWS SFDA issued Requirements for the Naming of Health Food (interim)
May 9, 2007:
NEWS Notice on the Issuing of "Guide Principle of Clinical Studies on In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents" and "Guide Principle on compiling attached documents for In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents"
Apr 28, 2007:
NEWS Management Method of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents Registration (Interim) issued