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We have various solutions for clearing the strict regulations of Japan and the sometimes ambiguous Chinese regulations for overseas healthcare companies. Our services include regulatory affairs, CRO, marketing support, market survey, and product distribution.


tokuho.gif  Our experienced staffs can provide you a series of services from clinical trial design, statistical analysis, scientific paper writing, to approval application.

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 Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan designs functional assessment tests and presents data as the scientific evidence of your product. In clinical trial of food, since most of the foods are not as effect as pharmaceuticals, it is vitol to design the clinical trial and perform statistical analysis correctly and effectly. People have any doubts about their past clinical trials are wolcome to contact with us. Wtih the numberous experiences of success, Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan can find you the best solution to solve your problems.

We can carry out clinical trial for your food product in China.
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 Acquires the data which are necessary for sale, plans and performs sampling investigation, questionary surveys.
In addition, prepare effective promotion tool and persuasive sale talk in your marketing of health food.
Also, performs interview survey and hold tasting event for companys exploring China market with the product which is already sold in Japan.