? (In Japan) Application for FOSHU
(Food for Specificed Health use)
? (In China) Application for Health Food
? Marketing and Distributing Assistance
?Regulatory affairs
?Planning and executing of clinical trials
?Survey of government policies and
market information
?Intellectual property rights in China
?Compliance card
?Bio chip

Support for development of Health Food, Medical Devise, and Medicine. Support of Chinese Regulatory Affairs

With our network in legal affairs, multi-lingual capability and sound medical knowledge, we can assist you in any aspect related to regulatory affairs in China.

Support of Clinical Trials in China

We are a front company of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Nanjing Medical University, which has more than 3000 beds and is one of the largest hospitals in China. We coordinate various clinical trials in accordance with the clients' requirements.

Food Import and Export

We will help validate your products (including ingredients, labeling, specification, etc) and apply for approval under the Japanese and Chinese regulations.

Nov 15, 2011:
NEWS President Chen Jian Jun made a speech on 'Practice in Applying for the Approvals of Medical Devices and in vitro Diagnostic Agents and Getting the Products Adopted to the Public Medical Insurance System in China during the Medical Care System Reform' at a seminar to be held by Johokiko Co., Ltd. On Nov 15, 2011.

We have various solutions for clearing the strict regulations of Japan and the sometimes ambiguous Chinese regulations for overseas healthcare companies. Our services include regulatory affairs, CRO, marketing support, market survey, and product distribution.